I just completed basic obedience with my two dogs, Tegwen and Kirby, who were frankly out of control. I had no control over either one of them and was getting very frustrated. Tegwen is a 1 ½ y/o German Shepherd and Kirby is a 7 mo Jack Russell mix I adopted from the shelter as a companion for Tegwen.

I thought by providing a play mate for Tegwen I was helping our situation. You see I had just gone back to work full time after 4 mo off on maternity leave. Tegwen was becoming lonely, destructive and aggressive toward the other animals. She had had some training at a local pet store as a puppy but seemed to have forgotten EVERYTHING overnight!!! However adding another dog to the mix was becoming more than I could handle. They fell in love and played great but I now had TWO dogs who wouldn’t listen to a word I said!!! I had no idea how to get their attention and control over them. When we started the classes it was a last resort!! I didn’t want to get rid of my pets (I believe they are a lifetime commitment) but I was at my wits end.

One day a friend gave me Glenn’s card and told me I had to call him. From the start he took the time to talk to me, listen to my unique situation and apply his techniques to us. I ended up bringing both dogs to the class. Glenn’s sons even came to help hold the dogs while I worked with the other.

At first I saw a quick improvement in Kirby but Tegwen was still resistant. Glenn wouldn’t let me give up so I pressed on and one day it just seemed to click. I have to admit it was hard to drag myself out and work with them on some evenings, but with the time and effort they soon were responding and listening.

I seemed to form a better bond with both of them. They would now look at me (attention), come when I called, sit, lie down, and stay. Glenn even added a few extra things like stand, and leave it (which helps when they try to lick the baby too much) They are still young and full of energy, and I know I will need to continue to train and remind them of what we have all learned, however we are all much happier and I owe it to Glenn. He is patient and knowledgeable and truly cares about the dogs, their parents and the relationship between them. Anyone who wants a fun and kind way to train your companion will benefit from Alpha K9. Thank you Glenn for all your help. God Bless!!!

Heidi, Tegwen, & Kirby,
Visalia, California
Glenn, Maxi & I are thrilled with our training, the first 6 wks. have just awesome! I also wanted to tell you that I had taken Maxi w/me to take the trash outside the other day, our neighbor was out there w/her little dog off leash & Maxi started after her, I quickly pulled her leash & told her to leave it! She not only listened to my command but did not look at the other dog again :) I was so excited that she not only listened to me but that I had that kind of command w/my dog :) In the short 6 weeks we have been training w/you, I can see a very definite change in my dog, as well as other dogs she has trained with. Thank you for showing us how to not only love our dogs but also what a huge reward it is in training them to be well balanced and trained dogs :) Thanks again for all your guidance! It is simply priceless!! Tammy & Maxine

We are so happy to hear the great news Tami, your hard work and determination paid off. You are a true lifesaver, who knows where little Maxi would be without your love. People like you and many others make our job co much more rewarding. And now your in the advanced class, keep up the good work

Visalia, California
Our dog Terra has been in the training class. Tonight I was bringing in groceries and invited her to come outside with me. Terra ran ahead (off leash) and headed around the car. She started barking and I saw a large dog across the street. I gave the :leave it” command and Terra came to me. I told her to sit and stay and she sat while the dog and owner walked past the house. It was remarkable. Then she did responded the same way when the dog and owner passed again. How great it was to see her behave, not run into the street, and respond to the verbal command. Thanks, Glen!

Thanks Dave, It really makes our day when the techniques we are using in the classes are applied in a practical application of everyday life.Terra is a very smart dog, and only want’s to do what is good. Great Job!

Today we received our Certificate for Basic Obedience Class fromGlenn Farris. We were a handful for our parents and were totally out of control when one day our Mom had just had it with us and told Dad that “It’s me or the dogs or get a trainer” and thankfully our Dad said he didn’t want to get rid of us so could Mom please find a trainer! Enter Glenn Farris of Alpha K9Training. Thank you Glenn for making our home “happy again” by teaching our parents how to teach us to come, sit, down, stay and attention on command. Hand signals were important too as one of us is deaf. Glenn made it easy for “all” of us to learn our lessons each week and was always helpful in showing us what we were doing wrong and how to correct our behavior. You are the best trainer Glenn and we will be forever grateful to you for teaching our parents how to train us to be good and obedience dogs. You have made our Mom happy again and that means everything to us.

Max and ButtonsMalteseMaci – Lhasa ApsoParents: Don & Pat,
Kingsburg, California

My family inherited Pounce/Buster, a two year old mixed breed dog from our son. He had never been on a leash and was terrified of everything and everyone. Glen agreed to come to our home for training. Afterobserving our new out of control dog , Glen stated”baby steps” and gave the first handouts. I followed the instructions and my family did not think he was trainable. With the help of Glen, “the dog whisperer” Pounce/Buster continued to improve and follow commands, although we were not able even to get him on a leash. I finally managed to leash him by singing songs and believe it or not he passed the class. I owe this feat to Glen, a wonderful and professional trainer. Buster is now walking one mile twice a day and loves it !! Thanks Glenn.

Barb Paliughi
Visalia, California

Hey Glenn,

Just a note to tell you a few things.. I know that Dotty has done great and so does my family. They all see a change in her.. But for others to notice is even better.. I took Dotty to the Vet(companion animal) this week. And the Vet ask what happened to her, she is being better than ever.. I just smiled and told her praises of You and Your training classes.. She smiles and was very pleased to hear good things and she could see for her self that is has worked with Dotty.. She said she had some clients ask about training, and she did not have any feed back on any in town. (good feed back or results). So I was really pleased that someone else noticed the change in my good Girl.. we are still working on everything we don’t let a day go by that we are not working on something.. doing well with the clicker. and I am making things for Dotty to jump over, went and got all the stuff and one of the guys that works for us is going to help me if I need help. Looking forward to the next step with Dotty please let me know when our next class starts. and I would like to start Jackie in June if you have room for her.. So just wanted to let you know about the thing at the Vets office she was really stoked to hear and see the positive results of Your Training classes.. More Later

Mrs. Anderson
Visalia, California